Japonais Fox Bouche d'un Masque Amaterasu Loup Masque pour le Visage Magnifique avec des Filtres Kawai Masque Adulte


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Remarque: Le polyester masque est à la machine, mais le filtre n'est pas.

  • Le schéma 4: Amaterasu Loup
  • Applicable: Adulte
  • Cycle de vie: Non jetable
  • Numéro De Modèle: Masque Adulte
  • modèle: Amaterasu Loup Masque Pour Le Visage
  • Quantité: 10000
  • Taille: 20cm * 15cm
  • Modèle 5: Belle avec des Filtres Kawai Masque Adulte
  • Le Nom De La Marque: abay
  • Classe de Protection: AUCUN
  • Modèle 2: Japonais Fox Bouche D'Un Masque
  • La fonction: Personnels
  • Le schéma 3: Japonais Fox
  • Matériel: 100% Polyester
  • Origine: La Chine Continentale

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Amaterasu mask comes with 2 filters. Nice to wear fabric. Adjustable elastics, frankly perfect. Easy location to access the filter and the filters fit exactly in the right place, the adjustable clip at the nose is very nice and prevents the mask from slipping under the nose! This mask stays in place under the chin. I find it perfect for my personal use. But be careful this mask with PM2.5 filter is in no case a mask FFP2, it has no effectiveness against the Covid19. This PM2.5 type filter means filtration of particles of maximum sizes of 2.5 micrometers while viruses like Covid19 measure 1 micrometer, which means that the virus passes through this filter. It is better to wear a mask than no mask at all but it is imperative to know that it does not protect it from the Covid19. Congratulations to the seller for not having made this amalgam. Bought on January 18 and delivered on 28 in France.