ZTTO CNC de Serrage de tige de Selle 34.9 mm de Haute résistance de la tige de Selle Tube Clip Fil de verrouillage de la Pince 31,8 MM Noir Rouge Pour VTT Vélo de Route Vélo


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Matériel: commande numérique par ordinateur d'alliage d'Aluminium

34.9 mm pince pour 30,4 31,8 mm tige de selle

31,8 mm collier de serrage pour de 27,2 28,6 mm tige de selle

Couleurs:;Rouge /Noir

Poids: Environ 14,5 g

  • Matériel: En Aluminium/En Alliage De
  • Le Nom De La Marque: ZTTO
  • Numéro De Modèle: CL
  • Utilisation: Des Vélos De Montagne
  • Taille: 34.9

Mots-clés: l'aluminium selle, routeur cnc, tige de selle post clamp, collier de selle carbone, vélo assis, brompton charnière de serrage levier h, bicycl outil, tige de selle, brompton levier, de serrage de tige de selle.


Keiber Pita 1997
Perfect and very good quality.
This review applies only to the quality of delivery and does not affect the product itself. I did not receive the parcel, DPD did not send a notification that the goods came and is at the point of issue, I saw only in the application that there was a failed attempt to present. Since the receipt of the parcel to the point of issue it was 3 days ago but when I called to clarify where the parcel is, I was told she was already sent back and they couldn't do anything. Opened a dispute for a refund, but aliexperess decided that it was my fault, and rejected the dispute (the buyer's Diamond level means nothing). By the fact and the seller said that the parcel returned to it (or there is nothing and did not write), and again did not send anything and aliexperss fig showed. Advice ztto send standard mail, there at least trace more less where that is because even 17tracks did not see by the number of departure where parcel.
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Clip norms. Shipping to Kiev via new mail 30 days in November 2020